Why Schools Don’t Teach About Money

Go to school, Get a Degree, Find a Job, Work for 40+ years, then enjoy if you are alive, Ever heard of this advice?

Most of us are living with the same assumption that we need a degree to become successful, but if all we do with our degree is to get a job to earn money then why are we not educated about Money?

I know most of you have these question but there are not many answers for this question. Let’s find the answer for this most asked question in this article.

Schools wants you to become an Employee:

Yes it’s true, if they want us to be an Businessman or an Entrepreneur they would have teach us about business philosophies instead of Newton’s laws ( learning Newton’s law isn’t bad but learning only what school teaching is bad)

Teacher’s don’t know about money themselves:

This is the second reason. How can someone teach us about something they don’t know first? Teacher’s are educated the same way as us, so they also don’t know about money.

Schools think that it’s not their responsibility to teach about money, they say that it is a duty of parents to teach about money and financial literacy.

If parents can teach their kids Why would they even send their kids to school!!!

What is the way?

So what can we do? Should we protest against schools or stop going to school? Neither, all you have to do is Educate yourself.

You can either wait for the Schools to include Money in their curriculum or you can buy some books to educate yourself, Which one do you choose?

Some of the best place to start is by learning some finance books and joining in an online courses.


Now you are at the end of these article not all of us are intelligent but if we work hard we can beat the guy who is intelligent then us.

What do you think about this article? Feel free to give some advice or feedback.




A simple guy with lots of dreams to achieve. Trying to make an impact through my writing.

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A simple guy with lots of dreams to achieve. Trying to make an impact through my writing.

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